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Label New Sugarbird Dress

Label New Sugarbird Dress

Strapless, body-hugging, mid-calf length, hidden zip at the back, side pulls on the top, large pleats at the bust, lined midi dress with Sugarbird label and elastic. Material composition: 87%...
Pupil-Pelopa Sugarbird felső-0

Pupil-Pelopa Sugarbird red top

Short-sleeved, hip-length shirt. The neckline is slightly boat-shaped at the front and has a 'V' cut at the back. A unique feature of this design is its puffy sleeves, which...
Mahenn Lace ruha-0

Mahenn Lace dress

Introducing Sugarbird's latest classic, which is both sophisticated and comfortable. The collection was put together in classic black, as black lace is the jewel of timeless elegance! It offers the...
Symbo SB sárga nadrág-0

Symbo SB yellow trousers

These palazzo pants will instantly make you the center of attention with their striking mustard yellow color! The wide legs add elegance, while the bright color guarantees a fashionable look....
Ivolina-Qivola Sugarbird barna ruha-0

Ivolina-Qivola Sugarbird brown dress

Wide-strap, knee-length, body-hugging dress with a slight front neckline and a deeper back neckline. Surprise! The unique feature of this design is that the back can also be worn as...
Forper-Forika Sugarbird rózsaszín pulóver-0

Forper-Forika Sugarbird pink sweater

Long-sleeved, above-hip length, slim-fit sweater. It features a round, closed neck, with the hem and sleeve ends edged with black, half-folded passementerie bands. A small SUGARBIRD label is sewn into...
Oreke Monogram tunika-0

Oreke Monogram tunic

Mid-thigh tunic with short sleeves and loose fit. The neck is trimmed with a black half-folded strap. The bottom of the left front is decorated with a large SUGARBIRD label....
Gemma Monogram black dress

Gemma Monogram black dress

This dress is more than just a simple piece of clothing, it is the epitome of timeless style and understated elegance. With its below-the-knee cut, the dress is a perfect...
Forper Monogram pulover

Forper Monogram pulover

Style and artistic creativity meets in Sugarbird's popular Forper style sweater. This sweater is not just a warm and comfortable piece of clothing, but a true work of art that...
Luxa Sugarbird red blazer

Luxa Sugarbird red blazer

We are proud to present you a reimagined version of the Sugarbird style icon - the Luxa jacket. This popular style from the brand now comes with even more characterful...
Foku Sugarbird Lace top - SB23SS1960102

Foku Sugarbird Lace top

Black lace top with wide sleeves, 'V' neckline, tie at the chest and golden snake, completed with an embroidered top. Material: 100% polyester Model is wearing size: one size Model...
Mini Itto Lace & Bird blue dress

Mini Itto Lace & Bird blue dress

Midi dress with long sleeves, mid-thigh length, stand-up collar. Part of the pleated skirt is elasticated at the waist and lined. The cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves, the...