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Primrose Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Primrose Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

This special piece will become the jewel of your wardrobe, combining the charm of folklore with modern elegance. The upper part of the bodysuit is wrinkled, the sleeves are puffy,...
Zorop Czukormadár Kalotaszeg felső-0

Zorop Czukormadar Kalotaszeg shirt

Allow us to introduce you to Sugarbird's latest treasure, where folklore-inspired patterns meet modern elegance. The neck of the shirt dress is trimmed with a collar, which lends sophistication and...
Kincse Czukormadár Kalotaszeg szoknya-0

Kincse Czukormadar Kalotaszeg skirt

Introducing Sugarbird's newest treasure, this mid-thigh lined mini skirt! This sophisticated piece brings you the charm of folklore in the spirit of modern elegance and is guaranteed to impress your...
Berill Czukormadár Kalotaszeg kardigán-0

Berill Czukormadar Kalotaszeg cardigan

Discover the harmony of style and art in this refined SUGAR BIRD coat! Our round neck, front button, printed long sleeve jacket rethinks fashion, all found in the style of...
Panuna Czukormadár Kalotaszeg nadrág-0

Panuna Czukormadar Kalotaszeg pants

This comfortable yet stylish piece combines folklore traditions with modern elegance, expressing Sugarbird's signature style. The elasticated waist of the pants ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit. The...
Gaura Czukormadár Kalotaszeg tunika-0

Gaura Czukormadar Kalotaszeg tunic

Let our new collection take you to a special world where tradition and fashion merge. The printed patterns, which we dreamed up on a black base color, reflect a unique...
Gulera Czukormadár Kalotaszeg tunika-0

Gulera Czukormadar Kalotaszeg tunic

Enter the world of folk art with this special ZUKORMADÁR tunic! A loose tunic with a round neckline is not just a piece of clothing, but a real work of...
Kamuna Czukormadár Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Kamuna Czukormadar Kalotaszeg dress

This refined piece brings you the charm of folklore in the spirit of modern elegance and is guaranteed to impress everyone around you. The body of the dress is midi...
Itto Maxi Czukormadár Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Itto Maxi Czukormadar Kalotaszeg dress

This sophisticated piece combines folklore with modern elegance and is guaranteed to impress your surroundings every time. The dress has shoulder pads on the shoulders, elastics on the waist and...
Melina Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Melina Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

Draw attention to yourself in this sophisticated Sugarbird bodysuit, which offers the perfect harmony of uniqueness and style! The long-sleeved bodysuit, closed in the front and with a deep curved...
Romahi Czukormadár Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Romahi Czukormadar Kalotaszeg dress

The recurring, iconic style of the brand also deserves a place in our Kalotaszegi Gems collection. This dress is both elegant and comfortable, a perfect choice for both everyday wear...
Cezira Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Cezira Kalotaszeg dress

This dress is a yoga staple, elegant and classic. If you are looking for a dress that emphasizes your femininity and is comfortable to wear, this piece is the perfect...