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Ramenna Kalotaszeg body-0

Ramenna Kalotaszeg bodysuit

Technical description:Long-sleeved, closed round neck, figure-hugging dress. The neck and the bottom of the sleeves are trimmed with black straps folded in half. The special feature of the style is...
Romahi Czukormadár Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Romahi Czukormadar Kalotaszeg dress

The recurring, iconic style of the brand also deserves a place in our Kalotaszegi Gems collection. This dress is both elegant and comfortable, a perfect choice for both everyday wear...
Ilen Lace ceruzaszoknya-0

Ilen Lace pencil skirt

This sophisticated piece is not just a piece of clothing, but the perfect embodiment of timeless elegance and femininity, made even more special by the classic black color and the...
Valerina Lace ruha-0

Valerina Lace dress

Let the classic black lace dress from our new collection take you to a world where timeless elegance meets sophistication. This long-sleeved, knee-length, figure-hugging dress is more than just a...
Fodemo fekete tunika-0

Fodemo black tunic

Technical description:Mid-thigh tunic with short sleeves, extra loose fit, wide frill at the bottom. The closed, round neck is hemmed with a strap folded in half. The hem and bottom...
Shanna fehér ruha-0

Shanna white dress

Technical description:Long, puffy sleeve, mid-thigh lined dress. It is closed in front of the neck, cut out in a "V" shape on the back, which is decorated with a strip...
Omnia Kalotaszeg khaki szoknya-0

Omics Kalotaszeg khaki skirt

Allow us to introduce you to Sugarbird's newest wonder, which combines the perfect harmony of femininity and elegance with tradition and modern design elements. With its below-the-knee length and form-fitting...
Cezira Kalotaszeg ruha-0

Cezira Kalotaszeg dress

This dress is a yoga staple, elegant and classic. If you are looking for a dress that emphasizes your femininity and is comfortable to wear, this piece is the perfect...
Misara Kalotaszeg khaki pants

Misara Kalotaszeg khaki pants

Choose the Sugarbird brand if you are looking for a stylish and unique piece for your autumn wardrobe. You'll be the star of the season in these pants, which highlight...
Romahi Red ruha-4

Romahi Red dress

Discover the wonder of the holidays with the new Sugarbird new collection! Our popular style is now also available in red, which is a perfect choice for the holiday season!...
Misara red pants

Misara red pants

Technical description:Long-legged, tight, above-the-hip trousers. Its wide red waist is elasticated, and the bottom is hemmed with a half-folded strap. There are swedish pockets on the sides, the left side...