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Itto-Jozefa pöttyös ruha-0

Itto-Jozefa dotted dress

Technical description:Long dress with rubberized sleeves at the bottom, reaching above the knee, in a loose style. It was elasticated at the waist and lined with frills on the skirt....
Melina Czukormadár Matyó body-0

Melina Czukormadár Matyó bodysuit

Technical description:Closed in the front, with a deep curved neckline on the back, shape-following, long-sleeved bodysuit, the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves of which are decorated with a...
Symeon Monogram nadrág-0

Symeon Monogram pants

Technical description:Maxi-length trousers with a wide black rubberized waist and loose legs. The front is decorated with folds at the waist, and the back is shaped with a constrictor. There...
Katka-Ocekat Ocelot nadrág-0

Katka-Ocekat Ocelot pants

Technical description:Maxi-length, straight, extra-large trousers. The waist part is rubberized, hemmed with a black passé strap. The special feature of the style is its tailored side, in which we sewed...
Record-Liluni rózsás szoknya-0

Record-Liluni rose maxiskirt

Technical description:A maxi skirt with two pleats on the waist at the front and at the back. We placed pockets in the cut line of its sides, and it opens...
Gunda-Melina rózsás body-0

Gunda-Melina rose bodysuit

Technical description:Even if you don't like it, it's a good idea to have a good body. It closes with a rubberized thigh section at the bottom and an adjustable clasp...
Galla rózsás tunika-0

Galla rose tunic

Technical description:Tunic with short sleeves, mid-thigh length, loose, straight cut. The closed round neck is hemmed with a narrow, black strap folded in half. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label...
Qivola Czukormadár Matyó ruha-0

Qivola Czukormadar Matyó dress

Technical description:Shape-following dress with wide shoulder straps, reaching below the knee, with a slight cleavage at the front and a deeper neckline at the back. Surprise! The special feature of...
Romahi rózsás ruha-0

Romahi rose dress

Technical description: Shape-following dress with sleeves below the elbow, closed round neck, mid-calf length. The neck, the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom are trimmed with black straps folded...
Symbo-Katka Sugarbird rózsaszín nadrág-5

Symbo-Katka Sugarbird pink pants

Maxi length, straight, extra loose-fit pants. The waist is elasticated and edged with a black passementerie band. A unique feature of these pants is their integrated sides, which include pockets...
Melina-Ormeli Sugarbird body-0

Melina-Ormeli Sugarbird red body

Long, raglan-sleeved bodysuit with thumbhole openings, offering a body-hugging, unlined fit. It features a closed, round neckline edged with a narrow, half-folded band. The lower part has an elasticated leg...
Pupil-Pelopa Sugarbird felső-0

Pupil-Pelopa Sugarbird red top

Short-sleeved, hip-length shirt. The neckline is slightly boat-shaped at the front and has a 'V' cut at the back. A unique feature of this design is its puffy sleeves, which...