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Symeon Monogram nadrág-0

Symeon Monogram pants

Technical Description: Maxi-length, wide-legged pants with a front waistband featuring two pleats on each side and an elasticated back. They have Swedish pockets and a faux slit on the front....
Bakka Gray ruha-0

Bakka Grey dress

Technical description:Sleeve length above the elbow, high round at the front, open at the back, deep neckline, lined maxi dress. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label on the bottom of...
Mapena Marionette ruha-0

Mapena Marionette dress

Technical description:Body-hugging, sleeveless dress that reaches below the knee. The neck is decorated with a special, tailored turtleneck. At the bottom of the left front, we sewed a small label...
Symbor Monogram brown pants

Symbor Monogram brown pants

Technical description:Maxi-length pants with two pleats at the waist, narrowed back, swedish pockets, and long legs. It opens with a zipper on the side. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label...
Borum Monogram pulóver-0

Borum Monogram sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, hip-length, loose-fitting sweater with a lined hood. It is hemmed with a light brown band folded in half at the bottom and at the bottom of the sleeve....
Davan Monogram fekete ruha-0

Davan Monogram black dress

Technical description:Sleeveless, below-the-knee dress with "V" neckline at the front, shape-following lined dress. The style has many geometric cut lines, and the front is equipped with a crotch slit on...
Demira Black pulóver-0

Demira Black sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, dropped-shoulder, extra-loose style sweater that reaches below the waist. It has a high stand-up collar, the bottom, and the bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with pleated material.An...
Philo Valentin body-5

Philo Black&Pink bodysuit

Technical description:Sleeveless, shoulder strap lined bodysuit. The neck has a low neckline, where it is decorated with a short pink button strap. It closes with a rubberized thigh section at...
Alette Pink Valentin Matyó nadrág-0

Alette Pink Black&Pink Matyó trousers

Technical description:Long, narrow leg trousers with elasticated waist. The bottom is bordered by an extra wide black strap, which is decorated with a fixed fold. It is complemented by swedish...
Danuta Monogram black jacket

Danuta Monogram black jacket

Technical description:Lined vegan leather jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, reaching below the waist. The style overlaps at the beginning, where it opens with a gold-colored zipper, at the top of...
Melka Monogram fekete top-0

Melka Monogram black top

Technical description:Loose, shape-following lined top with adjustable spaghetti straps. It has a "V" neckline at the front, with an embroidered SUGARBIRD seal underneath. The bottom of the style ends in...
Mindo Black Valentin nadrág-3

Mindo Black Black&Pink pants

Technical description:Maxi-length, loose, loose-fitting lined trousers. Its high elastic waist is decorated with three rows of pins. We placed pockets on the sides, on the left side of which we...