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Allegar Monogram kardigán-0

Allegar Monogram cardigan

Technical description:Long-sleeved, knee-length, straight cut, lined cardigan. The neck is fitted with a collar, and the bottom and the bottom of the sleeves are trimmed with wide, brown straps folded...
Salonta Monogram ingruha-0

Salonta Monogram dress

Technical description:Long-sleeved, above-the-knee, loose-fitting shirt tunic. The neck is trimmed with a collar, the middle of the front is closed with a hidden patent. Sleeves Large, ¾-length sleeves are decorated...
Ricuna Monogram szoknya-0

Ricuna Monogram skirt

Technical Description: A knee-length, body-hugging, lined skirt. Its waist and hem are edged with wide, dark brown, folded straps. A new, brown, textured SUGARBIRD decorative label is sewn onto the...
Ronzo Monogram felső-0

Ronzo Monogram sweater

Technical Description: A short-sleeved, hip-length, closed neckline, loose-fitting sweater. Its hem, sleeve ends, and neckline are trimmed with dark brown folded straps. A new, brown, textured SUGARBIRD decorative label is...
Gurilly fekete ruha-0

Gurilly black dress

Get to know Sugarbird's latest vegan leather collection, which is both modern and elegant. This piece of the collection perfectly expresses the commitment to modern elegance and style. The square...
Mallowni Monogram overál-0

Mallowni Monogram jumpsuit

Technical description:Overalls with long legs, 3-4 sleeves, collar, hidden zip and snap fasteners at the front. The waistband is rubber, which is formed by folds above and below. There are...
Pihe Monogram tunika-0

Pihe Monogram tunic

Technical description:Mid-thigh length tunic with 3/4 sleeves and loose fit. Boat neckline trimmed with a brown strap. We sewed a big SUGARBIRD label on the middle of the back.Immerse yourself...
Ruslan Monogram ruha-0

Ruslan Monogram dress

Technical Description: A long-sleeved, mid-calf length, loose-fitting shirt dress with a stand-up collar. The sleeves end in cuffs with buttons, and it features a concealed button closure down the center...
Shanna fehér ruha-0

Shanna white dress

Technical description:Long, puffy sleeve, mid-thigh lined dress. It is closed in front of the neck, cut out in a "V" shape on the back, which is decorated with a strip...
Nedika Monogram body-0

Nedika Monogram body

Technical Description: A body-hugging, lined bodysuit. It features a high standing collar and opens with a gold-colored zipper framed by brown stripes down the center front. The design is accentuated...
Forika Monogram pulóver-0

Forika Monogram pulover

Technical description:Long-sleeved pullover above the waist. The round closed neck is brown, and the bottom and the bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with folded straps with the inscription SUGARBIRD....
Luxalli Monogram drapp blézer-0

Luxalli Monogram beige blazer

Technical description:Long-sleeved, loose-fitting, waist-length lined jacket. The neck is decorated with a tailored turn-out collar, and the bottom is decorated with a white SUGARBIRD inscription on the inside. We sewed...