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Zedi Monogram leggings-0

Zedi Monogram leggings

Technical Description: High-waisted, long, slim-legged leggings made from elastic material. The waistband is wide, dark brown, and edged with a folded strap featuring inscriptions.Its printed pattern is on a beige...
Nedika Monogram body-0

Nedika Monogram body

Technical Description: A body-hugging, lined bodysuit. It features a high standing collar and opens with a gold-colored zipper framed by brown stripes down the center front. The design is accentuated...
Ruslan Monogram ruha-0

Ruslan Monogram dress

Technical Description: A long-sleeved, mid-calf length, loose-fitting shirt dress with a stand-up collar. The sleeves end in cuffs with buttons, and it features a concealed button closure down the center...
Pirella Monogram dzseki-0

Pirella Monogram jacket

Technical Description: A long-sleeved, waist-length, loose-fitting, lined jacket. It features a standing collar. The dark brown waist and sleeve ends are elasticized. It opens at the front with a gold-colored...
Symeon Monogram nadrág-0

Symeon Monogram pants

Technical Description: Maxi-length, wide-legged pants with a front waistband featuring two pleats on each side and an elasticated back. They have Swedish pockets and a faux slit on the front....
Pampi Monogram pants

Pampi Monogram pants

Technical Description: Long, slim-legged pants with Swedish pockets, extending above the hips. The bottom is edged with a wide, dark brown folded strap, and the waist is elasticized. A new,...
Danuta Monogram kabát-0

Danuta Monogram brown coat

Technical Description: A ¾ sleeve length, waist-length, body-hugging, lined vegan leather jacket. The design overlaps at the front, where it fastens with a gold-colored zipper, which can be secured at...
Ricuna Monogram szoknya-0

Ricuna Monogram skirt

Technical Description: A knee-length, body-hugging, lined skirt. Its waist and hem are edged with wide, dark brown, folded straps. A new, brown, textured SUGARBIRD decorative label is sewn onto the...
Udoro Monogram pelerin-0

Udoro Monogram pelerin

Technical Description: A hip-length, square-shaped, lined poncho, edged with a wide, prominent hood. The bottom of the design is framed by an inscribed printed graphic. A new, brown, textured SUGARBIRD...
Cserne Monogram dress

Cserne Monogram dress

Technical Description: A long-sleeved, mid-thigh length, body-hugging, lined dress. It features wide shoulder straps with shoulder pads, and its neckline and hem are trimmed with dark brown straps. The design...
Larau Monogram top-0

Larau Monogram top

Technical Description: A sleeveless, wide-strap, waist-length, lined top. It features a closed, round neckline and a body-hugging design, with the bottom edged by a wide, inscribed waistband. A new, brown,...
Szirani Monogram ruha-0

Szirani Monogram dress

Technical Description: A sleeveless, closed, round-neck, lined, midi dress that reaches above the knee. It features a gold-colored zipper at the center back. A new, brown, textured SUGARBIRD decorative label...