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Pupilina Lace blúz-0

Pupilina Lace blouse

Let Sugarbird's newest creation, this long lace blouse with puffy sleeves on the shoulders, take you to the world of timeless elegance and charming style! This above-the-hip blouse reflects the...
Mahenn Lace ruha-0

Mahenn Lace dress

Introducing Sugarbird's latest classic, which is both sophisticated and comfortable. The collection was put together in classic black, as black lace is the jewel of timeless elegance! It offers the...
Valerina Lace ruha-0

Valerina Lace dress

Let the classic black lace dress from our new collection take you to a world where timeless elegance meets sophistication. This long-sleeved, knee-length, figure-hugging dress is more than just a...
Malinka Lace body-0

Malinka Lace bodysuit

This sophisticated piece is not just a piece of clothing, but a perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern style, which is made even more exclusive by the classic black...
Wanni Lace top-0

Wanni Lace top

Discover timeless elegance with this lace top! This narrow top with adjustable shoulder straps and lined chest is not just a simple piece of clothing, but a perfect combination of...
Ilen Lace ceruzaszoknya-0

Ilen Lace pencil skirt

This sophisticated piece is not just a piece of clothing, but the perfect embodiment of timeless elegance and femininity, made even more special by the classic black color and the...
Saki zsolnay Porcelán Gold ingruha-0

Saki Zsolnay Porcelain Gold dress

Technical description:Long-sleeved, above-the-knee, loose-fitting shirt tunic. The neck is trimmed with a collar, and the middle of the front closes with a hidden button. The sleeves are wide, decorated with...
Pillo Butterfly fekete body-0

Pillo Butterfly black bodysuit

Technical description: Add a twist to your outfit! The Pillo bodysuit is a bodysuit with short, loose and frilled sleeves, a twisted V-neckline at the front, and a rubber lined...
Itto Lace ruha-0

Itto Lace dress

Long, transparent, black lace dress with buttons at the front, narrowed at the waist. The ends of the sleeves have rubber inserts. The skirt is made with a petticoat for...
Mini Wall Gold Monogram dress

Mini Wall Gold Monogram dress

We present one of Sugarbird's recurring styles, the Gold Monogram Collection A-line mini dress with frills at the bottom, which brings romantic elegance and fashionable style in perfect harmony.This mini...
Imara Gold Monogram maxi dress

Imara Gold Monogram maxi dress

This stunning Maxi Shirt Dress not only focuses on comfortable and relaxed wear, but also offers the perfect combination of stylish looks and unique details.The most outstanding feature of the...
Pibbo Butterfly kitűző-0

Pibbo Butterfly badge

The universal accessory of the collection, suitable for any style, is the large, printed butterfly brooch, which you can use to make you and your outfit stand out from the...