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Record La Vie en Tulip skirt-0

Record La Vie en Tulip skirt

Technical description:A maxi skirt with two pleats on the waist at the front and at the back. It opens with a zipper in the middle of the back, next to...
Itto-Alamarina pöttyös ruha-0

Itto-Alamarina dotted dress

Technical description:Long dress with full sleeves, reaching above the knee. It was elasticated at the waist and lined with frills on the skirt. The neckline is curved, the upper part...
Symeon Monogram nadrág-0

Symeon Monogram pants

Technical description:Maxi-length trousers with a wide black rubberized waist and loose legs. The front is decorated with folds at the waist, and the back is shaped with a constrictor. There...