Packages are usually delivered on working days between 08:00 and 17:00. As a delivery address, it is advisable to enter an address where the courier can be received continuously during the time of the delivery day indicated, and where they can ensure that in the case of cash on delivery, the fee can be paid to the courier. After placing the order, the courier makes an appointment with the customer about the expected delivery date. The courier service will attempt to deliver twice, the delivery cost of unclaimed packages may be charged to the customer!




Delivery Time
Delivery Fee
Cash on delivery surcharge
Austria DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Finland DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Slovakia PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Slovenia PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Czech Republic PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Romania PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Croatia PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Poland PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Germany PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Belgium DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Netherlands DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Luxemburg DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Denmark DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
France DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Italy PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Ireland DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Lithuania DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Latvia DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Spain PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Sweden DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Estonia DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR
Greece PACTIC 2-14 days 9 EUR
Portugal DPD 2-14 days 9 EUR






In the case of non accepted and returned packages, we will charge the cost of shipping and return shipping tot he customer, and we will only be able to resend the package if the order is settled in advance.