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Danuta Monogram brown coat

Danuta Monogram brown coat

Technical Description: A ¾ sleeve length, waist-length, body-hugging, lined vegan leather jacket. The design overlaps at the front, where it fastens with a gold-colored zipper, which can be secured at...
Pampi Monogram pants

Pampi Monogram pants

Technical Description: Long, slim-legged pants with Swedish pockets, extending above the hips. The bottom is edged with a wide, dark brown folded strap, and the waist is elasticized. A new,...
Pipparo Black&White nadrág-0

Pipparo Black&White pants

Technical description:Long, loose-fitting trousers with elasticized ankles. The waist is elasticized with black, and a white cord is included to tighten the waist.An essential piece for everyday life is a...
Mabel Black top-0

Mabel Black top

Technical description:Sleeveless top reaching above the hips, the neck of which is hemmed with a high turtleneck. Shoulder pads in the wide shoulders shape the shape. We sewed a small...
Damira Black&White nadrág-0

Damira Black&White pants

Technical description:Long, narrow leg trousers with swedish pockets that reach above the hips. It was hemmed with a wide half-folded strap at the bottom, and elasticated at the waist. White...
Zimra Black&White pulóver-0

Zimra Black&White sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, above-the-hip sweater. The closed round neck is hemmed with a black pleated strap. The sleeve has a special, rounded cut at the elbow, and the front of the...
Valetta Black pulóver-0

Valetta Black sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, straight, extra-loose, tunic-length sweater. The round, closed neck is trimmed with a hood with a drawstring hood. At the bottom of the front, it is decorated with a...
Bertilla Black&White kardigán-0

Bertilla Black&White cardigan

Technical description:Lined jacket with long sleeves, below the waist, straight fit. Its round neck is adorned with a tailored collar. The waist is wide, rubberized, and opens with a zipper...
Halina Pink Valentin Matyó body-4

Halina Pink Black&Pink Matyó bodysuit

Technical description:Wide-shouldered, sleeveless, figure-following lined body. Its round, high closed neck and cuffs are trimmed with a black strap. It opens with a zipper in the middle of the back....
Komida Black Valentin pulóver-3

Komida Black Black&Pink sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, round, closed neckline, above-the-hip sweater. The bottom, neck and bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with black passé straps. The sleeve is covered with a special, wrinkled tulle....
Vunala Pink Valentin Matyó  ruha-0

Vunala Pink Black&Pink Matyó dress

Technical description:Stand-up dress with frilled collar, long sleeves, lined. The body is mid-thigh length, shape-following. It is decorated with a decorative frill around the top. The collar closes with buttons...
Symbor Monogram brown pants

Symbor Monogram brown pants

Technical description:Maxi-length pants with two pleats at the waist, narrowed back, swedish pockets, and long legs. It opens with a zipper on the side. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label...