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Symbo Zsolnay Pisztácia nadrág-0

Symbo Zsolnay Pistachio pants

Technical description:Maxi-length trousers with two pleats at the front, narrowed back, swedish pocket, and long legs. It opens with a zipper on the side. We sewed a large embroidered Zsolnay...
Dua Zsolnay Pisztácia top-0

Dua Zsolnay Pistachio top

Technical description:Padded top with feminine cut lines, rubberized shoulder straps. It is rubberized at the bottom, and its cut lines are surrounded by a satin effect, tulle frill.Its pattern was...
Terike Zsolnay White öv-0

Terike Zsolnay White belt

Technical description:Rubberized, 3 cm wide belt, which closes with a gold-colored buckle. The belt is complemented by a carabiner key ring and a pearl key holder. The product comes in...
Hendri Zsolnay White  top

Hendri Zsolnay White top

Technical description:Narrow, adjustable shoulder strap, hip-length lined, tulle top, the special style of which is determined by the three-layered voluminous frills. We sewed a gold-embroidered seal on a large black...
Zsolnay Pisztácia kendő-0

Zsolnay Pistachio scarf

Technical description:Thick, gold-colored thread hemmed shawl.Its pattern was inspired by the hand-painted, gold-framed flowers on ZSOLNAY PORCELÁN MANUFACTURE products, the printed graphics of which stand out on a white and...
Borisz Zsolnay Tea Sugarboy t-shirt

Borisz Zsolnay Tea Sugarboy t-shirt

Technical description:Oversize men's short-sleeved t-shirt that fits below the hips. The neck is decorated with a half-folded strap, and there are beautiful graphics running on the bottom and the bottom...
Lipa Zsolnay White body-2

Lipa Zsolnay White bodysuit

Technical description:Shape-following lined bodysuit with one-sided shoulders. Her special style is defined by her two-layered, rich, tulle hairdos, which are elasticated on one side and run around the neck. The...
Alex Zsolnay Tea short-0

Alex Zsolnay Tea Sugarboy short

Technical description:Over size men's short pants reaching above the knee. The waist is trimmed with a rubberized, half-folded strap with a cord, and there are fancy graphics running on the...
Barett zsolnay Tea sapka-0

Barett zsolnay Tea cap

Technical description:A round, lined French cap with a shimmering gold colored shiny satin piping strip running around the brim. The top is decorated with a small ZSOLNAY MANUFACTURE x SUGARBIRD...
Zsella Zsolnay Pisztácia sárga kabát-0

Zsella Zsolnay Pistachio yellow coat

Technical description:Long-sleeved, mid-calf-length, collared, lined bouclé jacket. We equipped it with pockets in the cut line of the front side. There is a decorative belt on the back. A large...
Zala Zsolnay szoknya-0

Zala Zsolnay White skirt

Technical description:Lined, tulle skirt with rubberized waistband, mid-thigh length, the special style of which is determined by the four-layered voluminous hair. It opens with a hidden zipper on the left...
Kello Zsolnay Tea pulóver-0

Kello Zsolnay Tea sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, hip-length, loose-fitting sweater. The bottom, neck and bottom of the sleeves are pleated, folded in half. The center of the front is decorated with a printed graphic with...