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Xamba Black&White kabát-0

Xamba Black&White jacket

Technical description:Long-sleeved hip-length lined jacket. The bottom and the bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with black rubber bands. The collar and front are decorated with a black strap, which...
Melina Black&White body-0

Melina Black&White bodysuit

Technical description:Closed in the front, with a deep curved neckline on the back, shape-following, short-sleeved bodysuit, the neckline of which is trimmed with a half-folded white strap. It closes with...
Grene Black&White ruha-0

Grene Black&White dress

Technical description:Thigh-length, off-the-shoulder lined dress. Shape-following on the chest, loose fit on the skirt. We put pockets on the sides, and it opens with a zipper in the middle of...
Cila Black&White kardigán-0

Cila Black&White cardigan

Technical description:Long-sleeved, loose-fitting lined bolero. The neck and bottom of the front are hemmed with a wide, tailored strap. On the front, we sewed pockets decorated with pocket flaps and...
Wowola Black&White pulóver-0

Wowola Black&White sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, over-the-hip, loose-fitting sweater with a round, closed neck, sleeves and bottom hemmed with knitted passé material. We sewed a large SUGARBIRD THE HOUSE OF SUGARBRANDS tag to the...
Rojali Black&White ruha-0

Rojali Black&White dress

Technical description:Long-sleeved, turtleneck, mid-calf, figure-hugging dress. Thanks to the thumb opening at the bottom of the finger, it can be worn as a half-glove. The back is cut out, with...
Komadi Black&White ruha-0

Komadi Black&White dress

Technical description:Above-the-elbow sleeve length, closed round neck, mid-calf, figure-hugging dress. The neck, the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom are trimmed with black straps folded in half. The sleeve...
Xerci Long Black&White szoknya-0

Xerci Long Black&White skirt

Technical description:Above-the-knee, figure-hugging, lined skirt. The waist and bottom are hemmed with a black strap. It closes with a zip and clip on the back, and the crotch opening opens...
Xerci Black&White szoknya-0

Xerci Black&White skirt

Technical description:Mid-thigh-length, figure-hugging, lined skirt. The waist and bottom are hemmed with a black strap. It closes with a zipper and a clasp on the side. At the bottom of...
Xerion Black&White top-0

Xerion Black&White top

Technical description:Waist-length, shape-following padded vest. The neck is trimmed with a curved collar. The cuffs, front of the bottom and the collar are also hemmed with a black band. It...
Krizo Black&White felső-0

Krizo Black&White t-shirt

Technical description:Sleeveless top reaching above the hips, the round, closed neck of which is hemmed with a narrow black half-folded strap. Shoulder pads in the wide shoulders and narrowing pleats...
Zili Black&White hajpánt-0

Zili Black&White hairband

Technical description:Bow headband with white Sugarbird lettering on a black background, framed with a white rubber band.Complete your SUGARBIRD THE HOUSE OF SUGARBRANDS styles with a lovely accessory and crown...