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Record-Liluni rózsás szoknya-0

Record-Liluni rose maxiskirt

Technical description:A maxi skirt with two pleats on the waist at the front and at the back. We placed pockets in the cut line of its sides, and it opens...
Gunda-Melina rózsás body-0

Gunda-Melina rose bodysuit

Technical description:Even if you don't like it, it's a good idea to have a good body. It closes with a rubberized thigh section at the bottom and an adjustable clasp...
Galla rózsás tunika-0

Galla rose tunic

Technical description:Tunic with short sleeves, mid-thigh length, loose, straight cut. The closed round neck is hemmed with a narrow, black strap folded in half. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label...
Kello Kalotaszeg pulóver-0

Kello Kalotaszeg sweater

Technical description:Long-sleeved, hip-length, round closed neckline, loose-fitting sweater. The bottom, neck and bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with black, knitted pasque material.Choose your favorite style, which you can now...
Primrose Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Primrose Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

This special piece will become the jewel of your wardrobe, combining the charm of folklore with modern elegance. The upper part of the bodysuit is wrinkled, the sleeves are puffy,...
Melina Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Melina Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

Draw attention to yourself in this sophisticated Sugarbird bodysuit, which offers the perfect harmony of uniqueness and style! The long-sleeved bodysuit, closed in the front and with a deep curved...
Panuna Czukormadar Kalotaszeg pants

Panuna Czukormadar Kalotaszeg pants

This comfortable yet stylish piece combines folklore traditions with modern elegance, expressing Sugarbird's signature style. The elasticated waist of the pants ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit. The...
Qivola Czukormadár Matyó ruha-0

Qivola Czukormadar Matyó dress

Technical description:Shape-following dress with wide shoulder straps, reaching below the knee, with a slight cleavage at the front and a deeper neckline at the back. Surprise! The special feature of...
Romahi rózsás ruha-0

Romahi rose dress

Technical description: Shape-following dress with sleeves below the elbow, closed round neck, mid-calf length. The neck, the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom are trimmed with black straps folded...
Melina-Velina Czukormadár Matyó body-0

Melina-Velina Czukormadar Matyó bodysuit

Technical description:The Melina bodysuit is closed at the front, has a deep "V" neckline on the back, follows the figure, and has a sleeve length above the elbow, the neckline...
Dego kalotaszeg khaki body-4

Dego Kalotaszeg khaki bodysuit

We present Sugarbird's latest treasure, which is both elegant and comfortable, expressing respect for tradition and affection for modern fashion. If you are looking for a bodysuit that emphasizes your...
Was Kalotaszeg khaki top-0

Was Kalotaszeg khaki top

Imagine a garment that combines femininity, elegance and respect for tradition! Our latest collection offers this perfect combination in every way. We created this lined top in the spirit of...