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Szimonia Marionette pants

Szimonia Marionette pants

Technical description:Trendy fabric pants with capri length, shape-following waist and relaxed leg. It is decorated with swedish pockets and a match pocket at the front, a belt holder at the...
Mapena Marionette ruha-0

Mapena Marionette dress

Technical description:Body-hugging, sleeveless dress that reaches below the knee. The neck is decorated with a special, tailored turtleneck. At the bottom of the left front, we sewed a small label...
Kill Marionette ruha-0

Kill Marionette dress

Technical description:Thigh-length, off-the-shoulder lined dress. Shape-following on the chest, loose fit on the skirt. We put pockets on the sides, and it opens with a zipper in the middle of...
Galiana Marionette tunika-0

Galiana Marionette tunic

Technical description:Short-sleeved, above-the-knee, loose, straight-cut tunic. The neckline is V-shaped. A wide colorful striped graphic runs on the bottom and the bottom of the sleeve. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD...
Ronnis Marionette body-0

Ronnis Marionette bodysuit

Technical description:Sleeve length below the elbow, closed round neck figure-following body. The neck is narrow, and the bottom of the sleeves are bordered by wide, colorful stripes folded in half....
Ronika Mini Marionette ruha-0

Ronika Mini Marionette dress

Technical description:Sleeve length below the elbow, closed round neck, mid-thigh length, figure-following dress. The neck is narrow, and the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom are trimmed with wide,...
Mila Marionette felső-0

Mila Marionette top

Technical description:A closed, round neckline, figure-following, short-sleeved, below-the-waist top, the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves are decorated with a colored band folded in half. The middle of the...
Szolo Marionette pants

Szolo Marionette pants

Technical description:Long, loose-leg trousers. The bottom is rubberized and the waist is decorated in two rows. We placed pockets on the sides, on the left side of which we sewed...
Itto Mini Marionette ruha-0

Itto Mini Marionette dress

Technical description:Long-sleeved, above-the-knee dress with a collar. Part of the pleated skirt is elasticated at the waist and lined. The cuffs at the bottom of the sleeves, the collar at...
Bertilla Marionette lila dzseki-0

Bertilla Marionette purple jacket

Technical description:Lined jacket with long sleeves, below the waist, straight fit. Its round neck is adorned with a tailored collar. The waist is wide, rubberized, and opens with a zipper...
Tilia-Pihebo Marionette türkíz tunika-0

Tilia-Pihebo Marionette turquoise tunic

Technical description:Extra loose fit, mid-thigh length, sleeveless tunic. The boat neckline is hemmed with a narrow strap folded in half. Short-sleeved, figure-hugging top. The front of the neck has a...
Cicor-Kamarina Marionette lila ruha-0

Cicor-Kamarina Marionette purple dress

Technical description:Short-sleeved, above-the-knee dress. Shape-following on the upper part, "A" line on the skirt. It is rubberized on the shoulders, and the bottoms of the fingers are decorated with frills.The...