Dignity for the profession - equal opportunities for children worldwide!

 Sugarbird for UNICEF Hungary - for the elimination of child labor

We at Sugarbird take pride in our profession. We believe that fashion is a way for all of us to express ourselves and send a message to the world. As representatives of the fashion industry, it is extremely important for us to take social responsibility, which is also calls attention to the problems affecting our profession: worldwide, millions of children are victims of exploitative and illegal practices that not only deprive them of the carefree childhood essential for proper development and the opportunity to learn, but it is also seriously illegal. This is child labor. We believe that the undignified practice of child labor is not only morally unacceptable, but also undermines the credibility of the fashion industry. According to estimates, there are around 168 million children aged 5-17 in the world today, who are made to work in ways that are illegal and harmful to their health, pushing them into a vicious cycle of poverty that constantly reproduces itself. They are victims of child labor.


We believe that neither the fashion industry nor fashion lovers can cooperate and turn a blind eye to the discrimination and exploitation of vulnerable children!


From 2020, our company would like to draw attention to the phenomenon of child labor, which also affects the fashion industry. We do this not only with words, but also with actions: from December 2020, we undertake to support UNICEF Hungary and the world organization's fight to eliminate child labor, thus paying tribute to the future and to our profession. We believe that help cannot be limited, so our support is not for a certain period, but a permanent mission.


Let's support and not deprive children! Unworthy of children, unworthy of the fashion industry!


All children in the world have the right to be protected from violence and exploitation. Child labor can be prevented and stopped!