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Xamba Black&White kabát-0

Xamba Black&White jacket

Technical description:Long-sleeved hip-length lined jacket. The bottom and the bottom of the sleeves are hemmed with black rubber bands. The collar and front are decorated with a black strap, which...
Kiki Marionette blazer

Kiki Marionette blazer

Technical description:Our new, loose-fitting jacket has extra long sleeves, padded shoulders, over-sized, lined style, which reaches mid-thigh. It is decorated with a fake match pocket at the top, and two...
Kily Marionette ruha-0

Kily Marionette dress

Technical description:Thigh-length, off-the-shoulder lined dress. Shape-following on the chest, loose fit on the skirt. We put pockets on the sides, and it opens with a zipper in the middle of...
Szimonia Marionette pants

Szimonia Marionette pants

Technical description:Trendy fabric pants with capri length, shape-following waist and relaxed leg. It is decorated with swedish pockets and a match pocket at the front, a belt holder at the...