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Kafina Zsolnay Rózsaszín body-0

Kafina Zsolnay Pink bodysuit

Technical description:Sleeveless, figure-hugging, lined bodysuit. It has a high, closed neck at the front, trimmed with a black strap, which closes with a clasp at the back of the neck....
Arlet Zsolnay White body-0

Arlet Zsolnay White body

Technikai leírás: Elején enyhén, hátán mélyen dekoltált, vállpántos, alak követő bélelt body. Karöltőjén, nyakkörén és combrészénél míves rolni pántok szegik, ülepén állítható kapoccsal záródik. Az eleje közepét SUGARBIRD x Zsolnay...
Dilera Zsolnay Tea body-0

Dilera Zsolnay Tea bodysuit

Technical description:Lined bodysuit with stand-up collar, sleeve length above the elbow. It closes with a rubberized thigh section at the bottom and an adjustable clasp at the bottom. It opens...
Lipa Zsolnay White body-2

Lipa Zsolnay White bodysuit

Technical description:Shape-following lined bodysuit with one-sided shoulders. Her special style is defined by her two-layered, rich, tulle hairdos, which are elasticated on one side and run around the neck. The...
Ramenna Kalotaszeg body-0

Ramenna Kalotaszeg bodysuit

Technical description:Long-sleeved, closed round neck, figure-hugging dress. The neck and the bottom of the sleeves are trimmed with black straps folded in half. The special feature of the style is...
Primrose Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Primrose Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

This special piece will become the jewel of your wardrobe, combining the charm of folklore with modern elegance. The upper part of the bodysuit is wrinkled, the sleeves are puffy,...
Melina Czukormadár Kalotaszeg body-0

Melina Czukormadar Kalotaszeg bodysuit

Draw attention to yourself in this sophisticated Sugarbird bodysuit, which offers the perfect harmony of uniqueness and style! The long-sleeved bodysuit, closed in the front and with a deep curved...
Malinka Lace body-0

Malinka Lace bodysuit

This sophisticated piece is not just a piece of clothing, but a perfect combination of timeless elegance and modern style, which is made even more exclusive by the classic black...
Dego kalotaszeg khaki body-4

Dego Kalotaszeg khaki bodysuit

We present Sugarbird's latest treasure, which is both elegant and comfortable, expressing respect for tradition and affection for modern fashion. If you are looking for a bodysuit that emphasizes your...
Boroma fehér body-0

Boroma white bodysuit

Get to know Sugarbird's newest and stunning bodysuit, which is the epitome of elegance and modern style. This closed, stand-up collar, long-sleeved bodysuit is a true staple in which you...
Oxana Monogram body-0

Oxana Monogram bodysuit

This stylish and comfortable body is a real treat for all fashion lovers, which represents the elegance inherent in the details. On the back of the neck, it is decorated...
Andora Monogram body-0

Andors Monogram body

The SUGARBIRD print on the front makes it neat and special. In our new design, COLORED SB MONOGRAM BUZZ collection, whether you like sporty or everyday elegance, you can find...