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Rikotta-Ricuna Beige Monogram skirt

Rikotta-Ricuna Beige Monogram skirt

A mini-length skirt with a shape-following waistband and a loose, lined skirt decorated with folds. It opens with a zipper in the middle of the back. We sewed a SUGARBIRD...
Itto-Jozefa Beige Monogram dress

Itto-Jozefa Beige Monogram dress

Mid-thigh length, loose fit dress with short and gathered sleeves. Elasticated at the waist, part of the skirt is lined and drawn. Its round, closed neckline closes with a clasp...
Bullo Teddy Monogram szoknya-0

Bullo Teddy Monogram skirt

Technical description: Shape-following, mini skirt. The waist and bottom are hemmed with a wide belt folded in half. It opens with a zipper in the middle of the back. At...
Frenki Beige Monogram nadrág-0

Frenki Beige Monogram pants

Technical description:Long, loose-leg pants. The waistband opens with a denim button, and the slit opens with a zipper. We put pockets on the sides. We sewed decorative welt pockets on...
Ricuna Beige Monogram szoknya-0

Ricuna Beige Monogram skirt

Technical description:Shape-following lined skirt that reaches below the knee. The waist and bottom are trimmed with wide dark brown straps folded in half. We sewed a small label with the...
Semena Beige Monogram nadrág-0

Semena Beige Monogram pants

Technical description:Maxi-length, wide-leg trousers, which follow the shape of the waist. The front is decorated with overlapping, where it opens with clasps and a zipper. We put pockets on the...
Heddi Beige Monogram Csángó top-0

Heddi Beige Monogram Csángó top

Technical description:Extra loose top with shoulder pads and reaching below the hips. Closed, round neck hemmed with a strap folded in half. We sewed a big SUGARBIRD label in the...
Pampi Beige Monogram nadrág-0

Pampi Beige Monogram pants

Technical description:Pants with long narrow legs, swedish pockets, reaching above the hips. It was hemmed with wide half-folded straps at the bottom, and elasticated at the waist. On the left...
Anilla Beige Monogram top-0

Anilla Beige Monogram black top

Technical description:Strappy, elastic, lined top. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label on the middle of the back.Style made in classic black, with modern cut lines, which can be easily combined...
Ronzu Beige Monogram Csángó top-0

Ronzu Beige Monogram Csángó top

Technical description:Short-sleeved, above-the-hip, closed-neck, loose-fitting sweater. Hemmed at the bottom, at the bottom of the sleeves and at the neck with a dark-colored band folded in half. We sewed a...
Nabbi Monogram overál-0

Nabbi Monogram jumpsuit

Technical description:Sleeveless, maxi-length, "V" neckline, loose fit, lined overalls. It closes with a clasp above a slit on the back of the neck. We sewed a small SUGARBIRD label on...
Luxalli Monogram barna blézer-0

Luxalli Monogram brown blazer

Technical description:Long-sleeved, loose-fitting, waist-length lined jacket. The neck is decorated with a tailored turn-out collar, and the bottom is decorated with a white SUGARBIRD inscription on the inside. We sewed...