Sugarbird Teddy Monogram Collection 2024

We welcome this year's season with our favorite pattern.

We've dreamt up the Teddy Monogram collection in the most beautiful, iconic, and elegant colors, whose patterns and shades have almost become iconic Sugarbird hallmarks. Our own Teddy plush bear will also be a constant feature of our 2024, so it's essential to include it in the start collection. Alongside new designs, we've brought back signature pieces, all accompanied by exciting vegan leathers. Our photo material was created in the Wenckheim Castle in Szabadkígyós, close to our hearts, whose patinated and distinguished environment perfectly matches the collection.

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Sugarbird Beauty Concept 2023

What does Rihanna have to do with the Hungarian fashion brand? Another beauty sensation you can't miss out on!

Sugarbird has possibly made its biggest announcement yet. Joining the ranks of prominent international fashion companies, the Hungarian brand is expanding its range with beauty products. For months, there had been hints that something was in the works, but perhaps no one expected the team led by Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig to venture into an entirely new direction. Exceptional developments back the soon-to-be-available products, and it has leaked that they are collaborating with the company that produces, among others, Rihanna's Fenty collection.

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Sugarbird Birds & Roses 2023

The latest collection of the Hungarian brand is more than just a lifestyle.

One of Hungary's biggest fashion brands has found the most special way to celebrate. This concept and debut are simply lovable. The face of Sugarbird's latest collection is the mother of the owner and founder, Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig, Aunt Mici. She not only inspired the designers but the entire collection and its presentation were built around her, as Sugarbird released the Birds & Roses collection on Aunt Mici's 70th birthday, with her as the campaign's very own face.

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SugarbirdMonogram 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of stripe patterns and small prints in fashion.

Not sure what your go-to autumn outfits should be? We know and we're about to show you. The Sugarbird Budapest Monogram has burst onto the scene with new and iconic signature styles that you need to add to your wardrobe immediately. We love that we can put together complete sets from the collection, as every piece mixes perfectly with each other, not to mention the accessories. To the delight of many, the monogram belts have made a comeback, becoming an essential element of almost every outfit.

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SugarbirdLola & Bugs Bunny collection 2023

Lola and Bugs Bunny have returned to the Sugarbird team.

"I am very proud that we are working together again with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products. Sugarbird has always been a pioneer in unique collaborations and it has previously been beneficial for the brand to have world-famous characters as its faces. This time, we have again designed pieces inspired by Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny, and we were excited to see our ideas come to life. The pink and black collection includes comfortable jogger sets, oversized and slim-fit pieces, as well as the iconic signature styles making a comeback in the collection." - Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig

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SugarbirdBudapest Gold Monogram Collection 2023

The 23-piece Gold Monogram collection arrived in a classic manner.

Both in its styles and color palette, the Sugarbird Budapest Gold Monogram is a marvelous autumn collection comprising 23 essential pieces. The SB logo is an iconic element of the pieces, which look great in both black and gold. The collection also includes two types of extra hurricane bags, as well as the perfect little dress available in three different sizes: mini, midi, and below-the-knee. However, the star of the collection is undoubtedly the short-cut Serien vest, which is the sole reason we'd jump into autumn right now.

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Queen & Basic Collection 2023

It was born in the spirit of sustainability.

Playing with the colors of the Earth, playing with Sugarbird's signature styles. We like to renew ourselves and always introduce some new seasoning into the collections most awaited by our customers. This is how it happened in the case of Queen and Basic, which to some extent is the love child of our popular Queen and the Gang and Soft & Shape brands. We are talking about relaxed but feminine pieces, clean Earth colors and sustainable 100% cotton materials.

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Sugarbird Matyó Collection 2023

International fashion success can await the Hungarian pattern Matyó.

It was an absolutely conscious decision on our part to give the much-loved Czukormadár a new look and image. In Hungary, Czukormadár has already become a well-known collection, or even a concept, in recent years, but we would like to make not only the matyó pattern known internationally, but also the term matyó itself within the fashion industry. We have been proudly working together for many years following the work of the embroiderers in Mezőkövesd, as it is important for us to use the most authentic patterns and materials as a basis. This is also the case with the Matyó 2023 fall collection, which we have of course given Sugarbird style features and debut in more and more exciting styles.

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Sugarbird Party Collection 2023

Sugarbird X MONYO Brewing Co.

This collaboration with the beer manufactory MONYO Brewing Co. is very exciting for us, as a girly, real summer beer was born, which is also delicious. Long preparations and works are behind us. First, the composition itself had to be dreamed up, which was finalized after numerous tastings and votes. The collaboration is accompanied by a special collection, the PARTY collection by our designer Ádám Baranyi. We really wanted to come out again with styles that will become staples of festivals and parties. The collection is characterized by sparkle, shine, confidence and brilliance.

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Vegan Sugar Summer Collection 2023

Lemon, cherry, tomato and more…

Do you love recipe sas well? On the labels look for the
secret ingredients of Sugarbird’s cherry pie, refreshing lemonade, asian cucumber salad or a mouth watering olive tomato sauce! The summer's favorite flavors inspired the Sugarbird Vegan Sugar collection! Wear the pieces of Vegan Sugar collection and enjoy the moment’s of summer!

Zsolnay Porcelain SummerCollection 2023

Iconic Zsolnay Cornflower

The collection is inspired by the iconic blue cornflower
patterns of Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, with wonderful golden thread
embroidered labels, perfectly embodies the graceful and fragile woman! This
collection is made in limited numbers, so you can be lucky if it lands in your
wardrobe in any style.

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Czukormadar- Blue Dye Collection

The Magical Blue Dye

The new Blue Dye collection was inspired by the handmade tiles of the renowned Hungarian visual artist RAPA73. Exciting styles, special accessories and the most beautiful shades of blue. The extra limited pieces promise perfect outfits for summer trips.

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Sugarbird x Pink Panther Collection2023

The Pink Panther is back

Our favorite cartoon character is back again. The collaborations with the popular Pink Panther continues this year. Summer styles with the iconic shades of pink are still available in limited quantities.

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Sugarbird Polka Dot Collection 2023

Classic Polka Dots

Because there are things that never go out of style. You will find classic dots and styles in this collection. Real summery sets that you will adore!

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Monogram Collection 2023

Our favorite pattern

The iconic Sugarbird monogram pattern looks good on any style. Choose the perfect pattern and experience exclusive Sugarbird moments with us!

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La Vie En Tulip Collection 2023

Styles covered in flowers

The Zsolnay X La Vie en Tulip capsule collection was born, the special pieces of which echo the fabulous tulip paintings of the contemporary painter Adrienn Horváth-Gazsó. Choose sophisticated patterns and signature styles!

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Festival Edition by Sugarbird 2023

Sparkle with us on the festivals!

Style your own festival collection and take the sparkle with you! The pieces of the latest Party Collection will be essential parts of your outfit, which you can spice up with the exciting styles of the Pink Panther or the Lace collections!

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Zsolnay Pink Collection

Zsolnay Pink Collection

Zsolnay Pink Collection

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Zsolnay White Collection

Zsolnay White Collection

Zsolnay White Collection

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