Everything you need to know about the latest face-lift beauty craze

Everything you need to know about the latest face-lift beauty craze
Last year, the news broke that, following the example of several international fashion companies, Sugarbird is expanding its palette with a beauty trend. The Hungarian brand came out with an unusual face mask collection, which has now been joined by a Jolly Joker product, the Spider. We investigated the ingredients of the masks and show what makes this product line so unique.

So the image piece of the Sugarbird face mask collection has arrived, the brand starts spring with a fantastic introductory "bomb". The Spider itself is Jagasics v. Hedvig Csonka, the founder and owner of Sugarbird, named it because she considers this silver-colored product with firming and toning ingredients to be the "Black Label" of masks. In order to enhance the effect, it can be a perfect addition to our daily facial care routine and is also recommended for everyday use, but we clearly do well to stock up on masks, in preparation for those situations when we want to fix our face quickly or want a little extra charge.

Five things you need to know about the Sugarbird Smart Second Skin Face Mask Collection:
  1. Mouth, eye and full face masks are the first pieces of the collection, which are 100% vegan and free from animal testing.
  2. Thanks to its hydrogel base, each face mask is like a special "second skin". Thanks to this raw material, the mask can efficiently and evenly transfer its ingredients.
  3. Only 15 minutes to use
  4. Its versatile ingredients include a high amount of hyaluronic acids, hydrating D-panthenol, soothing provitamin B5, and anti-aging active ingredients.
  5. They are made in northern France, with laboratory testing.

    +1 thing you need to know about the Spider face mask!
  6. One of its special ingredients is oat extract obtained from organic farming, which is responsible for the "lifting", i.e. firming, toning and smoothing properties.

We've definitely got the urge to try Sugarbird Beauty Concept's face masks, which is worth ordering until April 2nd, since in honor of the launch of the Spider product, all face masks can now be ordered at a 1+1 discount in the www.sugarbird.com Online Shop. The well-deserved #METIME is here!