The biggest hit of the summer: the Pearl Glass Skin super serum has arrived

The biggest hit of the summer: the Pearl Glass Skin super serum has arrived
At the moment, perhaps one of the biggest craze in the beauty market is to achieve the so-called "glass skin" effect with various face care products or makeup tricks. Partly with this goal in mind, the Sugarbird team also started the development of their latest Beauty Concept product. If you see the P.G.S. effect of the serum, you want to try it immediately, but after reading our article, you already want to buy it. Everything is revealed now about Sugarbird's latest super product and its effective effects.

Although it is certainly no stranger to beauty trendsetters, we will start with what exactly "glass skin" means. Basically, it's a term we use for skin that's so clean and hydrated that light reflects off the face and creates a beautiful glassy, ​​glowing and shimmery look. The point is to get perfectly clean, healthy and hydrated facial skin. And now we can get this from Sugarbird's latest Beauty Concept product, P.G.S. (Pearl Glass Skin) serum. Of course, the popular fashion brand made sure that, in addition to all this, the serum is created with radiance-enhancing anti-aging ingredients by the French partner laboratory, where the other Sugarbird Beauty Concept products were developed earlier. The satin pearls that melt into the serum ensure the healthy and glowing skin that every woman desires, especially on hot summer days.

“The P.G.S. supplemented with anti-aging ingredients, it is a really special, so-called pearl effect serum, which really immediately gives the skin a subtle glow. The mixture of gel and pearls derived from algae and oatmeal, as well as firming active ingredients, melts into a serum when applied, and their combined effect makes the complexion glow. I could also say that the beauty of the skin is revealed. The "glass skin" effect can be especially enhanced if the P.G.S. serum is used in addition to our gold or Spider face mask. It's guaranteed to be a wonderful feeling to have a glow and color on your face, especially in the hot summer season, when, let's face it, we don't really feel like wearing make-up. However, if we were to decide in favor of make up, P.G.S. it will be a great base for make-up, as it does not stick and you can immediately apply blush or anything else. And the smell is divine. I really love this super serum and I can't wait for many of you to catch P.G.S. fever!" said Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig, founder and owner of Sugarbird.

It's great news that, although in limited quantities, the P.G.S. serum is now available on the website and anyone who buys now will receive a Spider face mask as a gift. Let's test this summer's hit serum and indulge in the glow of "glass skin"!