Men's collection, Zsolnay porcelain and pastel Queen jackets

Men's collection, Zsolnay porcelain and pastel Queen jackets
The fashion show of the popular Hungarian fashion brand was full of surprises. The Budapest Central European Fashion Week took place on the first weekend of September, where Sugarbird also presented its spring/summer collection for next year.

The lucky ones who were there at the BCEFW show of the Sugarbird SS24 collection were able to see an exciting presentation, full of surprises. The fashion company also presented its four different sub-brands, which are Sugarbird X Zsolnay, Sugarbird Budapest Monogram, Sugarbird Queen and the Gang and Sugarboy, which will debut next year, one of which was worn by none other than  Norbika Schobert on the catwalk, alongside Panka Gesztesi. The young beauty was the Sugarbird catwalk model for the second time, as we already saw Panka at the brand's show two years ago. This time, the concept of the entire collection was built around pastel colors, which is why the show was given the fantasy name SUGARBIRD PASTEL WORLD. Hedvig Jagasics v. Csonka, Miss KK and Ádám Baranyi, the designers of Sugarbird, absolutely deserved the applause at the end of their presentation.

"In the first part of the show, Sugarbird X Zsolnay was presented, in which the pistachio color dominates. Classic Zsolnay porcelain vases, plates and cups provided the inspiration for us this time as well. It is particularly interesting that some parts of these objects were physically added as accessories to the collection. The show continued with our sub-brand Sugarbird Budapest Monogram, where the iconic Sugarbird little bird came to life amidst a pastel rainbow and light blue clouds. In the finale, we deliberately used the pastel-colored, iconic jackets of Queen and the Gang, keeping our concept from two years ago, when the black versions closed the show. We also unveiled one of our big surprises, our Sugarboy brand, which will also officially arrive in Sugarbird's life next spring." said Csonka Jagasics v. Hedvig is the founder and owner of Sugarbird.

So next year, the brand will start the year with several big launches. However, there is good news for those who are waiting for the Sugarbird X Zsolnay SS24 pieces, that a so-called pre-collection will be released this Christmas, which will be perfectly mixable with the styles presented now. The exciting story also includes the fact that a limited edition Zsolnay X Sugarbird porcelain set is paired with the collection. The Sugarbird team sneak peeked the preparation for the Budapest Central European Fashion Week presentation with a special video series, the episodes of which are worth watching on the brand's Tiktok page.