The latest collection of the Hungarian brand is more than a feeling

The latest collection of the Hungarian brand is more than a feeling
One of the biggest fashion brands in our country found the most special way to celebrate. This concept and debut is simply to be loved. The face of Sugarbird's latest collection is owner and founder Jagasics v. Hedvig Csonka's mother, Aunt Mici. Not only did she inspire the designers, but the entire collection and its appearance were built around it, as Sugarbird launched the Birds & Roses collection on Aunt Mici's 70th birthday, for which she is also the face of the campaign.

Roses, family portrait, celebration. Perhaps these are the first words that come to mind when looking at the campaign images of the Sugarbird Birds & Roses collection. This collection is special for several reasons, since one of the products became iconic even before its debut. The jacket decorated with faux fur could practically have been declared sold out even before its release, as the demand for it was so great. There is no need to be afraid, because exciting overalls, basic pants and, of course, the rosy dream dresses that shine in the main role of the campaign are also part of the collection. Jagasics v. Hedvig Csonka and the Sugarbird team always like to surprise us with unusual campaign materials, but this time a truly touching and inspiring photo series and collection was created.

"I've told you many times that my family was a huge support and help at the beginning of my career. In order for me to plan the life of the brand with such ambition and for me to be interested in the world of fashion at all, my grandmother certainly had a great influence in that, more precisely, not only her, but also my great-grandmother and practically every woman on my mother's side. They passed on the art of sewing and all its tricks to each other, so my mom taught me to sew too. He invested a lot of energy in helping me learn this profession, he really taught me for many years. Now that my mom is 70 years old, I thought I would surprise her with a special gift. We designed an entire collection in his honor, the campaign material of which we immortalized with none other than him. The entire Birds & Roses collection was therefore inspired by my mother, in which roses and vegan leather play the main role, as she was always very edgy and into it, and with roses we can automatically give the festive feeling of life. We spent a fantastic day in the studio when Gergó Pejkó and the Sugarbird team finished the fashion show. Of course, my mom became the face of the entire collection, as I won't reveal anything new by saying that she is the biggest Sugarbird fan. By the way, Birds & Roses covers all age groups, since, as you can see in the photos, the pieces of the collection look just as perfect on my daughter, Maja, as they do on my mother. Our concept was clearly a family portrait, which many people have already processed in a classic way, including one of the most iconic with Madonna by Dolce & Gabbana. By the way, I have always loved the fact that they sneak family into their campaigns and that positive Italian feeling of life, which is extremely inspiring. I think that this life-affirming, Mediterranean virtue absolutely worked for our campaign as well. You can also see a large Sugarbird family photo in the series, in which my colleagues also appear. By the way, we liked this project so much that starting next week we want to make the possibility of an "experience photography with the Sugarbird team" available to everyone. In this way, professional pictures can be taken of anyone, which will not only result in a usual family portrait, but also a campaign material and fashion material invented by us." said Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig.
The campaign material speaks for itself. By the way, Sugarbird and photographer Gergő Pejkó worked together for the first time.
"Hédi had the idea of a family portrait inspired by one of Dolce & Gabbana's previous campaigns. Of course, an international example is important for any campaign, but we took this further in the direction of Sugarbird and tried to simplify it a bit. Originally, they were gigantic productions that we tried to bring in a simpler version. Classic photography, we borrowed the Italian-Sicilian puritan atmosphere, but it could also be a Hungarian countryside. I like the end result, as this style is absolutely close to me. Earlier, I made a photo album with a similar concept for the band Punnany Massiv." Gergő Pejkó said.
The Birds & Sugarbird collection will therefore be available from October 19 in Sugarbird stores and online. There is an exciting road ahead for the new concept, as the pieces that are debuting now represent the basic line, but many more novelties can be expected within the collection in the near future.