Traditional Hungarian ‘Matyó’ patterns are set to conquer the world of international fashion.

Traditional Hungarian ‘Matyó’ patterns are set to conquer the world of international fashion.

Sugarbird has been inspired by Hungarian heritage designs for many years, but the Matyó line is now being taken in a new direction. It is very promising that the new collection is very international in its character. It is heart-warming to see how the marriage of tradition and ever-changing fashion leads to a perfect product.


We are grateful to the Sugarbird team for elevating Matyó designs to their rightful place in international fashion. Thanks to designer brands, Hungarian patterns are once more in vogue in Hungary, and increasingly sought after abroad. This is the personal mission that Hedvig Jagasics v. Csonka, founder and owner of Sugarbird, had set for herself. For over a decade, she has been working on making this dream a reality. This is why the Czukormadár brand was created alongside Sugarbird, and now the time has come for it to move to the next level. We welcome the Sugarbird Matyó collection, which was introduced by the company as part of a well-planned effort.


In the words of Hedvig Jagasics v. Csonka, “We made a conscious decision to lend a new character and image to the popular Czukormadár brand. Over the past couple of years, Czukormadár has grown into a well-known collection and a phenomenon in its own right within Hungary, but we now want to introduce Matyó patterns internationally, and make the word ‘Matyó’ well known in the world of fashion. We are proud that our designs have for years been inspired by the handiwork of embroiderers from Mezőkövesd. It is important to us to be true to authentic patterns and materials. This is what we did for the Matyó Autumn 2023 collection, as well. We have of course added a Sugarbird character to the many exciting designs that will debut this year. We asked Edina Kulcsár to be the face of the campaign; this project is our first collaboration with her. Edina felt at home in Matyó right from the start, which is very obvious from the photos. We love Edina’s personality, her face and the fact that she is proud to be wearing our favourite patterns. Hungarian designs are now fashionable in Hungary, but our goal is to make them popular internationally, too, and Edina’s personal achievements in the international arena as well as her beauty will be absolute assets in these efforts. Welcome in the MATYÓ paradise!”


The Sugarbird Matyó Autumn 2023 collection is more than magical. The colours speak of love, and so do the designs. The first pieces of the collection are available on from 17 July, but the brand’s announcements on social media promise a lot more exciting news to come. Red, crimson, purple and yellow. That is to say, this much-anticipated collection is arriving in original and reimagined colour combinations, sophisticated details, signature and brand new designs. Fashion icon Edina Kulcsár is absolutely glowing in the campaign photo that you will be seeing on billboards across the country in the coming weeks. The photo session was anything but ordinary because the former beauty queen had to pose in a pool filled with ice-cold water until the perfect snap was taken. But Edina is a veteran of photo sessions like this, and can handle such situations expertly.


“When I was approached to be the face of Sugarbird’s new Matyó collection, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to say yes because I was overcome with a range of pleasant memories. I remembered 2014 when I had the honour of representing Hungary in the Miss World international beauty pageant. National dances and costumes play a very important role in this competition, and they tend to be associated immediately with traditional patterns, such as Matyó embroidery. I simply love how Sugarbird has built Matyó patterns into their collection in a way that harmonises with contemporary trends, and I will be proud to wear these clothes whenever I can”, said Edina Kulcsár.