What does Rihanna have to do with the Hungarian fashion brand? Another beauty sensation you can't miss out on!

What does Rihanna have to do with the Hungarian fashion brand? Another beauty sensation you can't miss out on!
Sugarbird has made perhaps its most significant announcement to date. Aligning with leading international fashion companies, the Hungarian brand is expanding its range to include beauty products. For months, there had been speculation that they were up to something, but few could have guessed that the team led by Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig would take such a completely new direction. Exceptional developments back the soon-to-be-released products, and it's been revealed that they are collaborating with the company that manufactures, among others, the Rihanna X Fenty collection.

A facial mask revolution has been born, for which we will be grateful to the Sugarbird team. The Sugarbird Beauty Concept has been created, a group of cosmetic products under the fashion company's brand. They have carefully selected and developed new unique formulations, which have become beloved during testing due to their scent, the effects on the skin, and their purity. In the first phase of their market launch, we will find only eye, mouth, and face masks, but as we have learned, many surprises and products are still in store for all beauty enthusiasts from the Sugarbird team.

"The fundamental question in many people's minds now is why we came up with such a concept and why specifically with face masks. On one hand, the beauty line is almost hand in hand with the fashion world, as a good outfit alone is not enough for someone to feel beautiful and confident. Moreover, we at the corporate level have wanted to expand our product range for some time. On the other hand, this beauty care story is also personally close to me, particularly the use of face masks. As a company leader, I often experience stress, exhaustion, fatigue, but I also like to relax, meet friends, go to events, when, as I like to say, LET THERE BE DANCE! However, the question often arose in me! What about the day after the dance? The next day, when my face needs the most rejuvenation? And the answer to this will be a comprehensive FACE MASK REVOLUTION! Face masks that quickly 'put you together,' hydrate, regenerate, and replenish with vitamins. They replenish missing water, energize with their ingredients, and refresh. The Sugarbird face masks are not only the best choice for 'after the dance' situations but also in the mornings before makeup, day after day, whenever you feel your face is tired, anytime you crave extra rejuvenation. The Sugarbird Beauty Concept supreme face masks do not need to be washed off after use; they are completely unique, made of a special filmogenic texture similar to sheet gelatin, extracted from red algae, the HYDROGEL. This allows for their unique design. Yes, this whole face mask collection idea practically started from my personal motivation. Simply, as a consumer, I started this line, but of course, we left the manufacturing to experts. I have attended numerous beauty exhibitions, as it's no secret, years of preparation, work, and development are now behind us, but I think it couldn't have been done any other way. It was important to me to find factories that are the most professional. One such factory, with whom we currently have the closest collaboration, is a French company that particularly liked and sympathized with the idea that I had envisioned a whole collection of face masks. We are not coming out with just one or two types of products, but with a complete collection of 8+1 pieces. The plus one certainly deserves a special place in the palette, as it will clearly be our 'hero' product. This is none other than the Spider. I named it so because it contains so many strong and important active ingredients, which, translated, make the spider the 'black label' of the living world, as it's no coincidence that a superhero was also formed from it. The Spider face mask we developed is like a second skin, with so many fantastic firming and effective ingredients. I love it and know it will be a huge love for every woman. Of course, the same thorough preparation applies to the other products, which will be real supports for everyday life, including the under-eye/around-eye and mouth masks. All our face masks are designed for when our face needs extra rejuvenation, they relax, replenish, refresh, and the best part is that they can be used at any time of the day. Another thing I would highlight, a personal experience. I wear glasses, so it was also important that we come out with face masks that do not hinder wearing glasses, as I also take out my phone during relaxation to read the news or watch an episode of my series. We are currently working on many products, not just face masks, as I can reveal that a product is under development by the same company that produces the Rihanna X Fenty collections. These are all positive feedbacks for us, confirming that we have a place in this market, as such companies choose us. I believe in these products, just as I believed in the entire Sugarbird launch 15 years ago. We are thinking long-term, from now on the Sugarbird Beauty Concept will be an independent and strong foundation of our brand, into which we are putting a lot of work and energy to come out with the most professional products." - said Jagasics v. Csonka Hedvig, founder and owner of Sugarbird.

Therefore, the Sugarbird Beauty Concept will soon be launched, and exceptional face masks will be available to every woman on the www.sugarbird.com website. All products are free of parabens, SLS, aluminum salts, fluoride, petroleum, GMOs, as well as artificial colors and fragrances. Their manufacturing processes are strictly cruelty-free. We hope to test them soon and experience the heroes of the face mask revolution on our own skin.